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Welcome to Divine Ink Tattooing and Body Piercing, Inc
Please help to keep your health safe and our industry respectable.
Stop patronizing "underground" individuals/estabishments!
Many of these individuals/establishments are substandard and do not follow
proper "Board of Health" guidelines. It is illegal to practice tattooing "outside" of a
legally established studio in NYC. When it come right down to it when something
goes wrong who will you hold responsible?!! A good tattoo is never cheap and a
cheap tattoo is never good but we continue to make it affordable while ensuring
you safety and satisfaction. Our studio provides the highest level of service in a
clean, friendly, respectful environment using single-use disposable items
following all Board of Health requirements including a "medical grade" autoclave.
Body modification is a serious permanent decision that should not be taken
lightly, that's why our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff will accommodate
your individual needs. We use the latest modern techniques to ensure a safe and
satisfying experience that will bring you pleasure for a lifetime.
We are dedicated to our clients, our art form and the evolution of our industry!
For further details on how to choose a professional establishment please browse
our "
Frequently Asked Questions" section or our site: FAQ's
We have hundreds of designs to choose from and specialize in:
*Custom Work**Portraiture**Cover-ups**Scar Concealment**
Tattoo Restoration**
Some Cosmetics**
All Types**All Styles**
We can help you create a truly individual and unique work of art.
We have the ability to bring your imagination to life!
You are more than welcome to bring your own design, reference material to
create your vision or you can let us create an original piece of art just for you.
We are willing to repair or complete other artist's work.
No job is too big or too small, we welcome unique piercing projects also!
Walk-ins are Welcome..........Appointments Accepted!
1871 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. 11210  B'tween Ave.L & Ave.K  
Entrance on Hubbard Place
"Old Mother Hubbard had a Flatbush"
Tue-Thur 4PM-10PM  **  Fri 4PM-12AM  **  Sat 2PM-12AM  **  Sun 2PM-10PM
Monday by Appointment Only
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